Media Catalog

Media Catalog 4.1

Index your media in a flash


  • Powerful search tool
  • Statistics
  • Fast indexing


  • Cataloging can take some time


Looking to index all your media? Media Catalog may just be what you're looking for. The application works extremely quickly and indexes everything you throw at it: CDs, DVDs, folders, just drag and drop onto its interface and Media Catalog will index it.

Making use of the latest Apple technology, Media Catalog offers a powerful search tool, which comes in extremely useful once you've been cataloging a good deal of media. You'll also notice the Quick Look tool at the bottom, to get a fast preview of elements.

I enjoyed how Media Catalog always seemed to keep everything well organized. Even better was the statistics section, which gives you extra details on files like size, update or number of volumes.

Now Media Catalog can take some time cataloging your media, especially if you're throwing at it big sized files, however in general its works extremely quickly.

Media Catalog is an excellent and fast application to index all your media.

Media Catalog


Media Catalog 4.1

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